Update Wordpress URL:

In other to integrate with your Wordpress Website, you need to change the hosting URL to your wordpress site from: App/Common/Config.js

Update services (optional):

  • [ ] AppName: Change the appName from top navigate
  • [ ] Language: the default language is English, but you can can customize your language from Common/Languages.js file
  • [ ] Firebase: is used to stored your Client offline bookmark and further notification features.
  • [ ] Facebook: use for login form, you need to create new Facebook App and Ads placement ID to show the Ads from post detail, since version 2.4 we replace the Admob by Facebook Ads as it is support fully by Expo which more functionality.

  • [ ] Google: use for login form

  • [ ] CustomPages: when open the left side bar, you are able to link to the custom page from Wordpress site like Contact, About Us...for this feature you can name any content and create your own page and app.

Change the package delivery - standalone app (upload to Appstore | Google Play):

For building the standalone app you can config the exp.json and follow the guide - https://docs.expo.io/versions/v17.0.0/guides/building-standalone-apps.html#2-configure-expjson

RTL Language:

Change the option RTL: true from App/Common/Constants.js

You can also config the font style from: fontFamily, fontHeader and fontHeaderAndroid properties (these font is support by React Native core library). If you would like to add more extra font, enable the this.loadAssets from main.js to and config your custom font from fontAssets function:

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