1. Install Expo XDE

The project is base on Expo so you can refer to the document here to know to setup for Expo library:https://docs.expo.io.

XDE stands for Expo Development Environment. It is a standalone desktop app that includes all dependencies you’ll need to get started.

Download the latest version of XDE formacOS,Windows (64-bit), orLinux.

On Linux, open withchmod a+x xde*.AppImageand./xde*.AppImage.

2. Mobile Client: Expo for iOS and Android

The Expo client is like a browser for apps built with Expo. When you boot up XDE on your project it generates a unique development URL for you, and you can access that from the Expo client on iOS or Android, either on a real device or in a simulator.

On your device:download for Android from the Play Storeorfor iOS from the App Store

You don’t need to manually install the Expo client on your emulator/simulator, because XDE will do that automatically. See the next sections of this guide.+

3. Project installing

  • [ ] You need to install the Yarn to install the package fist:http://yarnpkg.com. After install, from the root folder of the project run:yarn install

  • [ ] Open the XDE and open the project folder.Then you can run the project on simulator by click to Device, open on iOS Simulator or Open on Android.

  • Or you can also run the project from exp command line:

  • // start the server
    exp start
    // start ios simulator
    exp ios 
    // start Android simulator, remember to open the Simulator first
    // If you are plugging your mobile device via USB cab, you can also run directly by this way
    exp android

We suggest to use the exp via cmd as sometime the XDE hang without response and waste the CPU, but with the cmd you can see the reason why your app is crashing, then just stop the exp and run "exp start" again

3. Quick installing (on Mac OS)

From v2.8.2, there is new update with the script installing by running this script:

yarn setup

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