Download Facebook SDK

Note: For this step on iOS, it's important to download the SDK and unzip the archive to ~/Documents/FacebookSDK

The app provides the access to Facebook login, sharing, graph requests, app you need to config your facebook developer app to change the facebookAppId. Please following carefully the quick start guide below to pick up the FacebookAppId & FacebookDisplayName.

  • [ ] Create your Facebook App: from
    Note: it's important setting for the login permission and make public for the app:

  • [ ] Quickstart guide for IOS - follow the guide to get the FB appID
    You can also change the FacebookAppID, CFBundleURLSchemes & FacebookDisplayName from Info.plist.
    Update Bundle ID to match with your project is important, otherwise your app will be crash.

  • [ ] Quickstart guide for Android - follow the guide to get the FB appID
    Note: You can also change the app_name, fb_app_id & fb_login_protocol_scheme from: android/app/src/main/res/values/strings.xml

  • [ ] Any more detail info please go to the library here to get more issues and config:

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