The main project folder is App:

  • App/Common
    Config.js: main config variables for the app
    Colors.js: config theme color for the app
    Constants.js: Config wordpress URL, icons, categories...
    Images.js: list of all images use for the app
    Languages.js: main language file config
    Layout.js: Use to config the main flexible homepage.
    Tools: Common functions

  • App/Components:
    Common components that could be used many time, this could be a custom button, comment component, icon input...

  • App/Containers
    most components of the app is putting here, you could change or re-structure by matching with your own project design.

  • App/Expo:
    Wrapper Expo function

  • App/Services:
    The Wodpress Api for the app you can refer to the Wordpress API - and custom your own function if you want to add more feature for the app.

  • App/Redux:
    Main action and reducer

  • App/Navigation:
    Wrapper function for react-nativigation

  • iOs: Main project for ios which can be opened by XCode

  • Android Main project for android which can be opened by Android Studio

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