Install CeBuilder

Auto Install by using CeBuilder

The CeBuilder is the tools to help to install product easier without understanding about the React Native language or library setup. Please note that the beta version of CeBuilder is only support for the Expo version.

  • Download the CeBuilder free tool from:

  • See the Video Installing Guide:

  • Unzip the download package from CodeCanyon, and open the project folder to run with CeBuilder

The App Builder feature:

  • Tools: to help for install all require libraries use for the React Native app

  • Verify purchased Code from Envato or Login to get all product list which purchased from InspireUI author

  • The Setup feature is used to input the main Website for your app, the Consumer Key/Secret keys is required to run the app. These setting is stored at App/common/AppConfig.json file

  • The Customization feature is used to custom basic info for the app:

If there is an issue the Customization could not be load which cause by the Wordpress config not correctly, please go to and check the Permalink URL setting from the Wordpress site