version 2.8.5 – 31 May 2018

1. Fix video issue on post detail & upgrade animate
2. Add sanitize-html to fix crashing issue
3. Fix limit post on categories page
4. Fix Admod component issues
5. Update to latest libraries

version 2.8.4 – 22 May 2018

1. Update RN to latest version and react-navigation 2.0.2
2. Fix Flash screen on Android
3. Fix youtube width issues
4. Fix hidden menu, replace by overlay (as the issue could not be fix
5. IMPORTANT: improve performance and reafactor stateless and pure components.

version 2.8.3 – 24 Apr 2018

1. Fix Detail post: image could not be drag to scroll up
2. Fix Detail post: Related & comment not always appear
3. IMPORTANT: Support deep link for OneSignal when receive push notification, pls also update the Wordpress site (

version 2.8.2 – 1 Apr 2018

1. Add image cache
2. Fix list.length issue
3. Fix reload issue on homepage
4. Fix Sharing title
5. Fix video crashing issue
6. Fix Searching issues
7. Update Onesignal latest config
8. Update Google service API
9. Update latest react native and dependencies libraries
10. Upgrade performance
11. IMPORTANT: Add installing script: yarn setup and yarn reset (also update installing guide)

version 2.8.1 – 25 Jan 2018

1. Fixed toolbar button for custom page component -
2. Fixed categories blank issues -
3. Fixed setting page black background, and add toolbar -
4. Improve Android left side bar & improve performance
5. Fixed
6. Fixed font size and setting issue -
7. Update index.js file -
8. Update latest React Native
9. Fix webview issue when rendering post detail
10. Add login modal to left side bar

version 2.8.0 – 27 Dec 2017

1. Add search function
2. Horizonal layout support
3. Mansory layout support
4. Add Image cache for offline news (Pro version only)
5. Update library to latest version RN 0.51
6. Update redux persist
7. Add header animation
8. Fix navigation bar issues when upgrade react navigation
9. Update detail post with latest react-native-render-html
10. Fix issue React.reactClass and React.proptypes
11. Fixed sticky issues on Category list
12. Fix Sign In/Up issue on Android
13. Refactor post layout code for more clean
14. Minor bugs fixed and upgrade the performance

version 2.7.1 – 01 Oct 2017

1. Upgrade video to support Facebook and Vimeo, check example: and
2. Improve performance when view post detail
3. Minior bug fix
4. For the issue of blank header on IOS 7 Plus or Android please download this file and override to the common folder

version 2.7.0 – 01 Oct 2017

1. Support Xcode 9 and update marketing image icon for app delivery
2. Update Expo v21.0
3. Important upgrade performance gesture when view post detail.
4. Improve performance and add Pull to refresh on PostList
5. Add parallax effect to category view
6. Add more layout on category, then you can switch 2 UI mode on category
7. Add more 3 left menu UI and easy to config via: LeftMenuStyle option
8. Improve UI when view post content by adding new float button.
9. Up-to-date dependecies library
10. Add webbrower on product detail
11. Add option to config Admob interstital timeout, AdMob.isShowInterstital
12. Fixed some minor UI issues

version 2.6.1 – 17 Jun 2017

- Improve performance and loading speed.
- Fix crashing issues on Anroid
- Sticky banner can be configured by Tag, Categories
- Fix wrong list homegage after navigation from the category pages
- Add exclude categories
- Fix crashing when view post detail by upgrade the Webview function
- Reactotron integration -

version 2.5 – 8 Jun 2017

1. Add more non-expo version which support push notification via OneSignal, Google Analytic, Admob
2. Fixing crashing issue on both versions.
3. Improve performance.

version 2.4 – 29 May 2017

1. Integrate with Expo
2. Replace react-native-router-flux by react-nativigation
3. Redux apply
4. Swiping to show next or back post content.
5. Dynamic homepage layout config
6. Improve homepage layout: more flexible to change layout, tags
7. Improve performance and animation
8. Replace Admob by Facebook Ads
9. Deprecated OneSignal push notification.
10. Social login via Facebook and Google
11. Add extra profile page and author posts
12. Product detail UI improvement.
13. More stability and faster
14. Fixed most crashing issues.
15. Category page improvement

version 2.2 – 20 Feb

- Update React Native to 0.42RC3 & related library.
- Add OneSignal push notification
- Support notification through the Wordpress plugin -
- Add more list view layout & change view button.
- Add extra Recent post section from the homepage.
- Enable Tag from list view.
- Add transparent color on background on list view.
- Fixed Admob clickable.
- Fixed external link from the Webview
- Fixed video issue if click from top navigation
- Fixed unicode character.
- Update documents to support push notification.

version 2.1c- hot fix – 03 Feb 2017

- Fixed admob clickable
- Fixed sign up issue
- Fixed comment issue
-> The comment could be fix by update your Wordpress API endpoint, please check the guide #10 -

version 2.1b – hotfix – 01 Feb 2017

Fix the issue: NSPOIXErrorDomain, code 22 (cause from Lite Version)
Please fix by download this AppDelegate.m file and override the to the file: .../ios/beoNews/AppDelegate.m

version 2.1 – 30 Jan 2017

1. RTL and right menu support
2. Ipad compatible
3. Add more lite version for no-login features (so you could easy to config by this way)
4. Enable to change custom font for whole app.
5. Fixed issue when client on category on Android
6. Fix crashing issue after logging in to Facebook
7. Fixed filter by tag on the homepage
8. Enable to back on the login page
9. Fixed N/A number form setting page.
10. Fixed Android icons
11. Fixed full icon when click to heart button (read later)
12. After a succesfull login, the app sent the user to favorites, not to home screen
13. Fixed loading icon.
14. Update Wordpress API core library
15. Many other bug fixed and performance improvement.

version 2.0

1. Add sign in & sign up feature
2. Facebook & Wordpress login
3. Offline data and support synchronize through Firebase API
4. Add custom page: about, contact
5. Add setting page
6. Add Read later page
7. Add card view which can be swipe
8. Refactor and bug fixed.
9 Add Admob
10. Add Related content item
11. Link category to the detail page
12. Multi language setting
13. Add logo on the top bar
14. Fixed Loading icons
15. Add sharing button, add open new tab view by browser

version.1.0 – 18 Dec 16.

Release new version