Follow this video guide to get more detail info:

Go to root folder to install dependent components into node_modules folder: yarn install

// then go to root folder of the project and run following cmd to trigger the simulator:
react-native run-ios

Notes: This cmd will trigger the default iphone 6 simulator, if you can test on other simulator, try to: react-native run-ios --simulator "iphone 7 Plus"

  • For Android, you should start the simulator first and execute: react-native run-android.

Notes: You can install Genymotion for better performance.

Congratulation! If you pass this step successfully and run on your simulator, your app is quite completely setup now. If you would like to re-brand the app or add your own language, you could discover more on next step.

If you still have issues on this step, let try a look with some solutions from Troubleshooting part. Please send us an email if you have any issues with the installation

Please go to next step for config with your own services fro Facebook, Google and Firebase....

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